House rules

To make sure our recycling stations are safe for you and our employees, we ask you to observe the following during your visit:

  • Anyone entering this site does so at their own risk. Avalex is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of this site..
  • Use of our facilities requires a valid Avalex-pass.
  • Please separate your waste and put it in the appropriate containers. We are happy to advise you on this.
  • Please follow any instructions given by our members of staff.
  • Payment can only be made using a PIN pass.
  • Children under 12 years must remain in the car.
  • Maximum speed is 5 km/h.
  • Road traffic laws are applicable on this site.
  • Please clean up any spilled waste.
  • The taking of goods from this recycling centre shall be regarded as theft.

Thank you for your visit and for complying with these rules. Do you have any questions about the house rules? Then please contact our Customer Service at 0900-0507 (local rate) or use our contact form. We would be happy to help you.

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