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Welcome to Avalex!

Avalex is responsible for waste management in six counties of Zuid-Holland: Delft, Rijswijk, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Midden-Delfland and Wassenaar. Waste management includes waste disposal, collection and removal. The company is owned by the six local authorities.

How to seperate your household waste
By separating your waste correctly, it can be recycled. This is good for the environment and ensures that generations after us can use these raw materials again. Check out our handy guide where you can find examples of waste and the right container in which you can throw it.

Waste collection calendar
Would you like to know when we will collect your waste? Please check our calender (This webpage is only available in Dutch) and fill in your postal code and house number. You can also download the calendar in PDF-format or add it to the calendar in your smartphone or your computer.

Avalex pass
In order to put your waste in underground waste collector systems in your area, you need an Avalex pass. This pass is connected to your address, each address gets only one pass. If you have lost or damaged your pass, then please contact us on phone number 0900-0507. We will be pleased to send you a new one.

Locations for your big trash
Large items of waste that don’t fit into the waste container can be brought to one of our four waste collection centers. For example: a couch, a mattress, wood, plasterboard or building waste. These locations have a number of large containers in which you can get rid of your waste. Our colleagues at each collection center will be happy to help you finding the right container for your waste. The opening hours of the four locations are:

-> Delft
Voltaweg 11, 2627 BD Delft
Monday-Saturday: 08.00-17.00
On weekdays, the busiest times are 10.00 and 15.00; be warned, there may be a long queue

-> Pijnacker-Nootdorp
Molenweg 61, 2631 AB Nootdorp
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8.00-12.00

-> Rijswijk
Laan van ‘s-Gravenmade 9, 2495 BD Den Haag
Monday-Saturday 8.00-17.00

-> Wassenaar
Hogeboomseweg 6, 2241 BG Wassenaar
Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00
Saturday 13.00-17.00
*Also available for residents of Voorschoten

Please remember to take your Avalex pass with you when you visit the waste collection locations.

Large waste items pick-up service
Would you like us to pick up your large waste items? This is possible for some types of large items. Please make an appointment by calling 0900-0507 or our website (This webpage is only available in Dutch). In every street there are specially marked places where you can you leave large items to be picked-up; please use these. We kindly ask you to leave your items at these spots after 7.30 in the morning. Please leave any bags open so that our colleagues can check their contents.

PMD collection, what is this?
You may have noticed that we have a new kind of container in the Avalex-area. This collection container has a purple sticker and is meant for PMD-waste. PMD stands for plastic waste, metal waste (for example, soft drink cans) and aluminum lined cardboard drink packaging. These three kinds of waste can be put in the same container. Why? Because recycling companies can separate these kinds of waste from each other. In this way they can still be recycled!

A new kind of waste collection
In order to respond to the government initiative to separate 75% of our waste by 2020, Avalex has made plans for a new kind of waste collection where we will encourage our residents to separate their waste by reducing the amount of residual waste.

People in low-rise buildings are able to deposit their PMD (plastic, metal and drinking packages), green waste (fruit, vegetables, and garden waste) and paper in a container at home. If they separate these sorts of waste, the amount of residual waste will be low. Residents can take their residual waste to an underground waste collection system in their area.

People living in high-rise buildings will be able to place these three sorts of waste in an underground waste collection system near their building. They can deposit their residual waste in a nearby underground waste collection system.

At this moment, we are busy with the implementation in several areas of our six municipalities. If you have any questions about our new kind of waste collection and the changes in your municipality, please call 0900-0507.

Contact us
If you have any questions for us, please feel free to use the contact form or call us on 0900-0507. Our customer service is available on weekdays from 08.00-17.00. You can also send us an e-mail at or visit our social media pages (Facebook / Twitter).


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