Rules for putting out bulky waste

Times to put out bulky waste

Pijnacker-NootdorpBetween 8:00 PM (evening before collection day) and 7:30 AM
Leidschendam-VoorburgBetween 9:00 PM (evening before collection day) and 7:30 AM
WassenaarBetween 0:00 AM and 7:30 AM
RijswijkBetween 9:00 PM (evening before collection day) and 7:30 AM
DelftBetween 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM
Midden-DelflandBetween 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM

By only putting out your bulky waste or pruning waste in the morning, you prevent other people from adding all other types of waste.

Costs and number of cubic metres

MunicipalityCost per appointment:Maximum m³ per appointment:
Pijnacker-Nootdorp € 20 (Pruning waste is free of charge)2 m³*
Leidschendam-Voorburg € 0,-2 m³
Wassenaar€ 20.96 (The municipality collects pruning waste free of charge. You can arrange this yourself through m³
Rijswijk € 12.50 (Pruning waste is free of charge)2 m³
Delft € 0,- 1 m³
Midden-Delfland € 25 (Pruning waste is free of charge)2 m³

 * 1 cubic metre = 1 metre wide x 1 metre high x 1 metre long.

Where should you put bulky waste and pruning waste?

  • You should put bulky waste or pruning waste on the street near your home where it is easily accessible for the refuse collection lorry. 
  • Do you live in a dead end street? Then place the bulky waste on the corner at the beginning of the street.
  • Do you take your mini-container(s) to a specific collection point? Then we would ask you to put your bulky waste in the same place.
  • Make sure that your bulky waste or pruning waste does not pose a danger to road users and that the pavement is passable for disabled people or anyone with a pram.
  • Do not put bulky waste on your own property or in the garden. We will not take it away.
  • Make sure that the bulky waste is placed freely on the road, i.e. not against a tree or façade or an underground/above-ground collection container.
  • Don't put the bulky waste behind parked cars. This will prevent unwanted damages. 
  • Are there road works? Please place the bulky waste before the road is broken.
  • We do not collect pruning waste in the municipality of Wassenaar. Residents of the municipality of Wassenaar can contact the municipality to do this.

How to put out bulky waste and pruning waste:

  • Do not put pruning waste out in boxes or bags.
  • Put out bulky waste (such as laminate and parquet) and pruning waste in bundles. These may not be larger than 1.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 metres and not heavier than 25 kg.
  • Beds and sofas do not have to meet the above dimensions, but their material must fit the maximum number of m³. Below you can read which agreements have been made about this in your municipality.
  • We collect mattresses and bedding separately. This does not include (sofa) pillows, duvets and sofa beds. When making an appointment, select ‘mattresses’ as the type of waste. This does not apply to appointments in Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Wassenaar and Rijswijk.
  • If you are putting out a bicycle, it should be unlocked. Also, attach a card to the bicycle to make it clear that it is intended to be taken away as bulky waste. Make sure the card is sturdy, weatherproof and clearly visible.
  • Remove the battery from an electric bicycle. You can take the bicycle battery separately to one of our recycling centres or a special collection point.
  • If you are putting your bulky waste out in (garbage) bags or boxes, please leave these open so that our staff can check to see what's in them.

What is not bulk litter?

  • Aarde, (auto)banden, glas, gipsplaten, grond of zand, puin of steen, geïmpregneerd hout zoals schuttingen en bielzen, klein chemisch afval (kca), verf of tl-buizen en asbest. Dit afval kun je naar onze milieustraten brengen. Twijfel je? Neem contact us!

Appointments: rescheduling and cancellations

You can reschedule or cancel up to 2 working days before the scheduled appointment. Call 0900-0507 to do this. If you cancel an appointment, you will receive a full refund.