Activities: neighbourhood containers

Below you can see at which locations the neighbourhood containers will be placed, changed or have maintenance work done in the near future. Click here for an overview of all neighbourhood containers.

CityLocationModificationType of waste after modificationWeek
DelftLatijns Amerikalaan 4Technical changeGFT en restafval14
DelftPiet Heinstraat 82ExpandResidual waste, VFG, paper and cardboard14
NootdorpWaddenzee 93ExpandPMD waste16
NootdorpLauwers 1Cancel location-16
NootdorpLauwers 5Technical changeVFG, paper and cardboard16
NootdorpLauwers 3Technical changeRestafval, PMD16
NootdorpLauwers 42Technical changeRestafval, PMD16
NootdorpWaddenzee 1Technical changePMD er uit, glas er in16
NootdorpWaddenzee 99 (ingang Ipse)Cancel location-17
NootdorpWaddenzee 44Technical changeOud papier en karton er uit17
NootdorpWaddenzee 76UitbreidingOud papier en karton er bij17
NootdorpWaddenzee 5Technical changeGFT er uit, PMD er in17
NootdorpWaddenzee 92Technical changeOud papier en karton er uit, Restafval er in17
NootdorpWaddenzee 29Technical changeRestafval er uit, PMD er in17
DelftFuutlaanVerplaatsing locatieRestafval, PMD, GFT, oud papier en karton, glas17
NootdorpKoningin Julianastraat 12bCancel location-18
RijswijkLaan van 't Haantje 97New locationRestafval., GFT, Oud papier en karton18
DelftPrunuslaan 53UitbreidingResidual waste, paper and cardboard18
RijswijkMinister Talmalaan 69UitbreidingResidual waste, VFG, paper and cardboard18
DelftLindelaan 2Cancel location-19

What is a good location for a neighbourhood container?

When the municipality decides that new neighbourhood containers should be placed in a certain area, Avalex’s location managers start looking for suitable locations. It is also important to know how many households can be served by one neighbourhood container.

It is important how many households can do together with one neighbourhood container. A neighbourhood PMD container is enough for 75 households. A paper container can serve 250 households and one textiles container is good for 900 households!

The location manager has an overview of underground cables and pipes. We work around this for safety reasons, the container should not be placed too close to cables and pipes. “Test trenches” are dug at the locations themselves to check whether it is true that there are no cables and pipes underground there. Furthermore, soil research is carried out so that we know in time if the soil is contaminated. We also make sure that the walking distance to the neighbourhood container and that it is easy accessible for the refuse collection lorry.