Our people

Avalex collects waste and raw materials on behalf of six municipalities. More than 200 enthusiastic employees are committed to this every day. Read below what motivates them.


Allround Driver & Loader

The term 'All-round' already indicates it. One week I go out with a squatter truck and the next week I empty underground containers with a crane. I like this variation.

I ended up here through the employment agency and now I have a permanent contract. Now I can also follow a course at the expense of Avalex. In which direction? I do not know yet. But the fact that my employer supports me in this is in any case a great advantage. The working hours are also ideal. I work on Saturdays, but that means I have plenty of time for my daughter on Tuesdays. And thanks to the early start times, I'm already sitting at the kitchen table by the end of the afternoon. Happy wife, happy child, happy me!

I come across all sorts of things at work. That was also the case when I still worked on the environmental street. Its really weird when a man arrives to dump his full aquarium. Wondering if we also have a place for his alive fish and plants. Sir, we take on a lot, but not everything!

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Driver & Loader

Men expect you to just cooperate at the same pace. When I just started here, they deliberately left me some bags. You may be a woman, but that doesn't mean you have to do less work. So it is a man's world, but I love that. No nagging, straight to the point and always in for a joke. That makes working at Avalex fun. Because I do physical work, I stay fit and healthy. You are on the move and outside a lot. Even with bad weather you will not hear me complain. I like to feel that rain on my face every now and then.

I ride the crane truck; a crane on the undercarriage of a truck. As a result, I have a lot of contact with local residents. A woman behind the wheel stands out. An advantage for me, because of those small talk my working day is never boring!

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Driver & Loader

I've been going for many years now. At the moment I drive the truck for the waste paper. I also worked in the Planning department for a while, but it soon became apparent that I am an 'outdoor person'. I missed driving the truck and the freedom it gave me.

Do I ever have to deal with prejudice? Yes, that it is an easy job. Driving a truck is often underestimated. It's more than just driving around. You always have to be sharp and pay close attention to the traffic. The full truck you drive weighs more than 26,000 kg. You don't want to think about it if something happens to it. It is a responsible job, but also a very fun one!

I enjoy the mornings the most. It's great to be ahead of the rush. I can see myself moving abroad someday. Onto adventure. But for now I'm happy at Avalex!

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