What to do with bulky waste

Bulky waste is waste that is too large or heavy for the container and that others can no longer use. Pruning waste, household appliances and small furniture that fits into your container can also be classified as bulky waste. Before you throw something away, consider taking it to a thrift store. Other people can often be very happy with your (old) items. Will nobody want it anymore? Then take it to one of our recycle centres.

We can also collect bulky waste and pruning waste. Pruning waste is vegetable or organic waste from your garden that does not fit into the VFG container, such as branches, trunks and/or stumps. Pruning waste should not be put out in bags, only in bundles.

Please note: we do not collect washbasins and toilet bowls. This type of waste is categorised as ‘clean rubble’ and must be taken to the recycle centre.

Rules for putting out bulky waste Make an appointment Recycle centres

Waste collection

You can only open the container with the Avalex pass in card form:

• Hold the Avalex pass on the screen (display) until you hear a click;
• Open de container;
• Put your household waste in the container;
• Close the container.

If you no longer have an Avalex pass, you can request a new pass for €7.50

Does the container no longer open or is it full? Sometimes a container is genuinely full, but it is also possible that something is preventing the lid from opening. That's why it is a good idea to notify us of this using this page.

We will always ask for the container number. You will find this number on a plate attached to the neighbourhood container, and it always starts with three letters. If we know the individual container number, we can find out more quickly what is going on. We will also know for sure that we’re emptying the correct container.

Is there waste next to the container? We would like to know about that too. So please take a good look at what exactly there is. We collect iron, mattresses and electrical appliances separately, so that they can be properly recycled.

Is a container in your neighborhood full or defective? Create a report using this page! Our employees will ask you to provide a container number. This container number can be found on the container plates that are mounted in a visible spot on the container. This ensures that we can quickly resolve any issues.

We can collect and empty the container at the Avalex site in Delft, so that you can look for the lost item yourself. Also take your (digital) Avalex pass with you! This is not free, because picking up and emptying a container in between takes a lot of time and money. You pay €165 per time for this. So consider carefully whether the lost item is really valuable and whether you think it is worth paying this amount. If so, please note the container number on the container and call as soon as possible Customer Contact Center .Please note that you will also have to pay €165 if you do not find the lost item.

Bulky waste

We are committed to providing a good service. However, there are times when a bulky waste appointment does not go as planned. Perhaps the bulky waste or the location was different to what our personnel expected. We do understand that this is inconvenient for you. So please call us on 0900-0507 or fill in the contact form and we will resolve the matter with you as quickly as possible.

There are a number of possible explanations as to why the bulky waste was not collected. We begin collections from 07.30 in the morning, so the bulky waste must be put out before 07.30 at a place on the public road accessible for the refuse collection lorry. If bulky waste is on private property, such as your front yard or in a driveway, then our personnel are not allowed to take it. This is to avoid confusing bulky waste with items you may not want to dispose of.

You cannot put out items from waste streams such as glass, stone, rubble, car tyres (without rims only), sleepers, bitumen, roof waste, Eternit, grass sods, asbestos and chemical waste. All these types of waste materials should be taken to the recycling centre. We also cannot accept earth, soil and sand (not even at the recycling centre) because it has to be specially tested.

For more information, please see the rules for putting out bulky waste.

Part of the bulky waste on the street is there because an appointment has been made with us to collect it. Unfortunately, bulky waste is sometimes illegally placed on the street without an appointment. On this page you can make a report, we will pick it up as soon as possible.

If bulky waste has been put next to a container, please let us know the individual container number. That way we will know for sure that the refuse collection lorry will be going to the right place. Is the bulky waste elsewhere? Then please let us know the name of the street and the nearest house number.

It would also help us if you could let us know exactly what kind of waste has been put out, so that we can send the right kind of collection vehicle. This is to ensure that everything is cleaned up as quickly as possible. Mattresses and iron are collected separately so that they can be properly recycled.

No. You cannot put out waste for waste streams such as flat glass, stone, rubble, car tyres (without rims only), impregnated wood (such as fences and sleepers), bitumen, roof waste, Eternit, grass sods, asbestos and chemical waste. These types of waste should be taken to the recycling centre. In some cases, with some types of contaminated waste, there is a charge for bringing it. There are also substances for which special measures are required during collection – for example, asbestos and chemical waste.

Please note: you cannot dispose of earth, soil or sand at the recycling centres nor put it out as bulky waste. To dispose of this material, we would like to refer you to the following: AH Vrij (Wateringen) en Verboon Grondbank (The Hague).

Municipality                Max. number of cubic metres
Delft1 m3
Pijnacker-Nootdorp2 m3
Leidschendam-Voorburg2 m3
Midden-Delfland2 m3
Rijswijk2 m3
Wassenaar1 m3

Bulky waste that we collect from your street may not be more than 1.5 metres long and 0.5 metres high/wide. Is it longer or wider? Then we would ask you to bring it to the recycling centre yourself. That said, if you have large furniture to dispose of, it may not have to meet these dimensions specifically. Pay attention to the number of cubic metres that your own municipality allows. And if in doubt, please contact us.

Recycle centres

No, the measure only applies to residents of Avalex municipalities.

No. You have one hour to hand in your belongings at the recycling centre. It does not matter how many times you drive through the barrier. This counts as one visit.

Yes, you can visit the Avalex recycling centres 12 times a year for free, regardless of which recycling center you visit.

No, you can request this from the Customer Contact Center or at the recycling centre.

When you visit the recycling centre, present your (digital) Avalex pass at the entrance. At the 6th visit, the recycling centre employee will indicate that you still have 6 visits left. At the 12th visit, the recycling centre employee reports that all subsequent visits will be paid.

Avalex maximizes the number of free visits to the recycling center to limit improper use for non-household waste and excessive use of the recycling centre as much as possible.

Yes. To gain access to a recycle centre, you will need an Avalex pass (card or digital). Only private individuals (not businesses) can apply for this pass. When you visit a recycling centre, you must be able to show that you live at the address on the Avalex pass.

No, the measure only applies to Avalex's recycling centres.

Because we only collect waste from private households, businesses are not allowed to bring waste to our recycle centres. Companies must find alternative ways of disposing of their waste.

From the thirteenth visit in a year you pay a fixed rate of €16.90 per visit. This excludes any costs for returned polluting waste types for which payment must be made (paid flows). Paid flows are independent of the number of visits. Payment is only possible with PIN at the recycling center. An overview of the costs can be found in the list of charges.

Are you going to one of our recycle centres? Don't forget to bring your Avalex pass.

Milieustraat Delft
Voltaweg 11 2627 BD Delft
Monday to Saturday: 08.00 to 17.00
Busy period during the week is between 10.00 and 15.00. Please take waiting times into account.

Milieustraat Rijswijk
Laan van ‘s-Gravenmade 9 2495 BD Den Haag
Monday to Saturday: 08.00 to 17.00

Milieustraat Wassenaar
Hogeboomseweg 6 2241 BG Wassenaar
maandag tot en met zaterdag van 08.00 tot 17.00 uur

Residents of the municipalities of Delft, Rijswijk, Midden-Delfland, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Pijnacker-Nootdorp and Wassenaar can go to all three Avalex recycle centres. Don't forget to bring your Avalex pass. Do you live in Voorschoten? Then you can go to the recycle centre in Wassenaar.

Small amounts of sand and soil are allowed in the VFG container, such as loose sand from sweeping up or earth still hanging from a clod.

However, large quantities of sand and soil should be taken to special final processors, so that they can be tested for contamination. We would like to refer you to the following: AH Vrij (Wateringen) and Verboon Grondbank (The Hague). Please note: We do not accept sand or soil at our recycling centres.

Asbestos is hazardous to health. You may therefore never put this material in a container or put it with the bulky waste.

Do you have more than 35 m2 of asbestos? Then you must have it removed by a certified asbestos removal company.

Do you have less than 35 m2 of asbestos and it cannot be damaged during removal and transport? Then, as a private individual, you can remove asbestos yourself and hand it in to the Avalex recycling centres. How does that work?
Then, as a private individual, you can remove asbestos yourself and hand it in to the Avalex recycling centres. How does that work?

Step 1

First report to the municipality in which you live that you are going to hand in asbestos at the recycling centre. You can report this at You will then receive an answer from the municipality. Rules may differ per municipality. At the end of the message you will find the link to information about asbestos removal in your municipality.

Step 2

Then pack the object well, in special foil or bags. Upon presentation of your permit issued by the environmental counter, you can collect packaging material at the recycling center. You are not allowed to pack asbestos at the recycling centre.

Step 3

As soon as you take the well-packed asbestos to the recycling centre, you must have the printed permit from the municipality with you. After delivery you will receive a weighing receipt from the employees, which you must keep with the permit.

Let op! You may offer small objects, such as eternit planters, without a permit, but they must be packed in the special bags that you pick up at the recycling centre.

Information per municipality: