Types of waste

Does the coffee bag belong in residual waste or PMD waste? What do you do with your leftover nail polish? Where do you put teabags? And which bread bag goes into which container? When separating your waste, you will run into these kinds of questions every day. We often hear people say that it’s like you have to do a study course before you can throw something away!

On the left, you can also find various types of waste, along with Avalex's advice on the subject. Would you prefer an offline reminder? Then print out our ‘What Belongs Where’ flyer:

What Belongs Where (only in Dutch)

We have compiled a list, but not everything is on it. Happily, there is a way for you to become an expert on waste before you know it. With the Waste Seperation Guide from Milieu Centraal, you will immediately be able to see where each piece of waste belongs and – not unimportantly – why it belongs there. You will gradually learn exactly how recycling works. You can use the website or put the app on your phone (iOS/Android).

If you do that, you will always have it directly at hand. Enter your post code and house number if you want additional information for your address.