Woo request method

Avalex likes to show what we do and why. This suits a modern government organization that is transparent in its information.

The government also wants information from government organizations to be public as much as possible. This is stated in the Open Government Act (Woo). From May 2022, this law will replace the Government Information (Public Access) Act (Wob).

Is there Avalex information you are looking for not (yet) public? Then you can submit a Woo request via woo@avalex.nl . You will receive a response within four weeks.

After your request, Avalex will check whether the information can be made public. Certain information is not eligible for public access. For example, to protect someone's privacy, for reasons of public safety or because the information does not fall under the responsibility of Avalex as an implementing organization.

Every year, Avalex publishes an overview of the submitted Woo requests and the information provided in its annual report.